Scope of activities
We are proud to provide full services on all fields, meeting all the needs of our clients.
Business philosophy
At Yamada Consulting Group, we hold "Sustainable Value, Social Contribution, Personal and Organization Development" as our sustainable business philosophy.
Company structure
Not only operating in Vietnam and Japan, Yamada Consulting Group is serving thousands of clients around the world.


Comprehensive power

"Comprehensive power" that seamlessly responds to corporate and organizational issues in a one-stop manner. We provide one-stop service for all corporate management issues.

We focus on solving industry-specific issues, not only through industry analysis but also through the knowledge, techniques of each employee, network, etc. by each specific industry.

Industry specific

In addition to industry analysis, we will focus on the knowledge, technology, and networks of employees from many industries to solve industry-specific issues.

Overseas business familiarity

The challenges facing overseas business lie not only in sales, but also in collaboration between the head office and overseas branches. Our Consultants and local staff from countries around the world who understand the climate, the law, and working environment will provide the best solution to this administrative multinational problem.


We are a group of specialists who provide optimal solutions by accumulating the knowledge of each consultant's specialized field and continuing to study the latest information on industry trends.

Human power

In addition to specialized field training, we regularly invite outside lecturers to focus on training to improve the abilities of our professionals.


We are working every day to permeate to all employees our compliance regulations named "Code of Mind and Behavior", together with "the basis of mind and behavior" that indicates what we should do.

SUSTAINABLE VALUEWe share a sustainable corporate value as a group of trustworthy people.


Yamada Consulting & Spire Vietnam is a subsidiary of Yamada Consulting Group (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2000), one of the leading consulting groups in Japan with 31 years of experience in company establishment consulting, M&A, company operation, market research. Yamada Consulting Group's network spans over 7 major Japanese cities including Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Fukuoka, Tokyo, and overseas including Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and America.


We have not decided on whether to proceed with the mergers or acquisitions. However, is it still possible for us to ask for your consultation?

Whether or not to implement M&A and its timing will be decided after careful discussions, taking into consideration the situation of the company and its shareholders. However, the sooner you ask for our consulting service, the wider the choices and the higher chances you will have to match with potential partners.

What are the stages of consultation?

The common process is 1) Contact - 2) Set up meeting - 3) Send proposal / quotation - 4) Sign contract - 5) Implementation of consultation. From step 1 to step 3 is free of charge.

How long does it take to complete an M&A deal?

Usually it takes about 3-6 months after signing contract, but it can also vary widely depending on the situation of each party.

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